RIA Options Strategy

An easy way to work with option strategies that your clients will love. It is no longer difficult to manage portfolios with covered calls, collars or spreads.

Create Strategies quickly.

Build and price option strategies faster then ever before using our intuitive and easy to use tools. Share these strategies with your clients to explore outcome-based investment scenarios - all in a user-friendly visual interface. Try for yourself by dragging the sliders below to build a collar strategy.

Execute with your broker

Manage client requests directly on our platform and clearly identify the trades that need to be performed. You can then forward execution orders to your existing broker. Our solution integrates with selected electronic brokers through their API. If you happen to use an account with a supported broker, you can send instruction orders directly from our platform to execute your investment strategy.

Follow-up with beautiful reports

Visualize your portfolio performance with our advanced analytics allowing you to better understand the impact of the options and underlying security on your results.

Keep your clients engaged in the investment process by generating clutter free reports that you can share with them online or in PDF format.

Follow-up with beautiful reports

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