Investing technology – building blocks for innovative banks

Our APIs make it easy to add smart investment functionality to digital retail and private banking offers

Investing technology - building blocks for innovative banks

Plug-and-play solutions for a superior investing experience

Our goal is to encourage customers to take control of their investments with simple guides, analytics, and personalized notifications.

Leveraging our technology banks can deliver a more engaging investing experience, growing their business and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

Examples of what you can do with Njorda

  • Financial health check
    Financial health check
    • Risk & return projections of current holdings with a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo engine
    • Act directly – set and track goals, add new monthly savings
    • Integrates perfectly with existing robo-advisory tools
  • Investment dashboard
    Investment dashboard
    • Transform raw holdings data into a beautiful dashboard for investors
    • Works with bank’s data & external accounts
  • Insights & Alerts
    Insights & Alerts
    • Generate smart personalized notifications from account transactions
    • Instagram like feed: “What’s happened with your finances since last login”
    • Accurately target marketing and sales based on users investment situation

Our technology

We design our technology for seamless integration and fast projects

  • SaaS

    Everything is hosted by us, just set up accounts and roll out access. White-labeling is fully supported.

  • API Access

    With an account you start using the API to rapidly add high value features to your application.

    Scalable cloud infrastructure for any size projects and rapid prototyping.

  • On-premise installation

    For maximum security the Njorda service can be deployed inside your firewalls as a self-hosted solution.

We design our technology for seamless integration and fast projects.

About us

Njorda was founded in 2018 with the aim of bringing a great investing experience to the wider retail audience and thereby levelling the financial playing field.

We build institutional grade analytics that scale to retail volumes and are accessible via simple APIs. The results are presented in a beautiful UX, designed for retail investors.

The product input comes from our direct experience of operating – the first free investing tool on the Swedish market that provides analytics and overview for all your accounts.


Reach out if you want to learn more or investigate the possibilities of using Njorda to quickly improve your users investing experience.

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