Investing technology — building blocks for innovative banks

Our APIs make it easy to add smart investment functionality to digital retail and private banking offers.


Plug-and-play solutions for better investing experience

Our goal is to encourage customers to take control of their investments with simple guides, analytics, and personalized notifications.

Leveraging our technology, banks can:

  • Deliver a more engaging investing experience

  • Grow their business

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Solutions

    portfolio fetcher

    Portfolio fetcher automatically collects data from your clients investment accounts.

    With the complete holdings picture and their analysis you are better prepared for the next advisory meeting.

    High quality data

    Reduce risks by eliminating manual entry by client. Always complete and compliance friendly.

    Full overview of client's financials

    Helps you find insights and give better advice.


    Automation saves time for everyone and the client has a much better experience.

    Savings & Investment building blocks API

    Our plug-and-play solutions help you build smart and engaging services for your customers.

    Our API exposes rich and proven functionality from classic risk calculations to simple guides, analytics, and personalized notifications.

    your customers

    With a complete overview of investments, goal setting, portfolio tracking, explained expected returns and smart alerts.

    your development

    Use the platform to seamlessly add functionality to existing apps and solutions.

    your business

    With a fast calculation engine, from the ground up designed to serve millions of users.

    About us

  • Njorda was founded in 2019 with the aim of bringing a great investing experience to the wider retail audience and thereby leveling the financial playing field.

  • We build institutional grade analytics that scale to retail volumes and are accessible via simple APIs. The results are presented in a beautiful UX, designed for retail investors.

  • The product input comes from our direct experience of operating the Njorda app – the first free investing tool on the Swedish market that provides analytics and overview for all your accounts.

  • Our customers

    Contact us

    Reach out if you want to learn more or investigate the possibilities of using Njorda to quickly improve your user investing experience.

    [email protected] Karlavägen 5 6tr 114 24 Stockholm, Sweden