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portfolio fetcher

The Portfolio Fetcher helps financial advisors collect and analyze information about all client's assets and loans. It delivers data-driven insights, unlocks hidden opportunities, and enhances client communication.

automatically collects client’s data

Data from the Portfolio Fetcher gives you a complete picture of the client’s financials.

  • Cash and savings accounts

  • Investments

  • Company pensions

  • Mortgages


Helps find insights and give better advice.

  • Current market value

  • Allocation by asset class, sector and geography

  • Risk and expected return

Full overview in 2 minutes

1. Client selects banks and authenticates.

2. Advisor gets a report with holdings and analysis.

Financial analytics & API

Deliver a great investing experience and extract real value
from Open Finance data with Njorda API and analytics.

Saving & investment analytics

We have a complete set of API-accessible portfolio analytics to boost internal development and standalone services.

  • Performance

    Track investments, break down P&L, drop-in charts.

  • Goal setting

    Set and track goals.

  • Risk & return

    Calculations and future scenarious for current or prospective portfolio.

  • Smart notifications

    Let clients or advisors know when the market has moved and the action is needed.

Njorda Connect — Open Finance

Njorda works with both in-house data and external holdings using open finance data. Let clients connect accounts at other institutions to get a complete picture of their finances.

  • Support for multiple aggregation technologies

  • Risk and expected return

  • Normalize data and provide a unified, easy-to-use API


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