we make sophisticated investment strategies simple

At Njorda, we believe that everyone should be able to use sophisticated investment strategies to manage their finances. So we’ve developed software that makes it easy to understand those strategies, and to customize them to suit the investor’s own risk-return profile, resulting in more predictable investment outcomes.

Developed for professional and retail investors, our software simplifies investment strategies by visualizing them so the user can change risks and returns parameters in real time to steer their desired outcome. The software uses exchange-traded options to deliver investment strategies that protect against losses, provide consistent income, or improve growth, giving the investor unprecedented control over their investments.

Helping investors reach their financial goals

RIAs, banks, and brokers offer our personalized investment strategies as an edge to their clients, helping them reach their investment goals while taking less risk. Retail investors will soon be able to subscribe to the software directly and take control of their investments with confidence.

Financial institutions partner with us to offer intuitive option strategies for their clients. We also license our technology to options education providers helping retail investors get a better understanding of options.

Trusted by leading investment firms

Njorda is an independent company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Customers include banks, wealth managers and brokers in the EU and US. The founding team is made up of industry veterans with experience from major fintech companies and investment firms.

Initially launched through the accelerator Y-Combinator (Airbnb, reddit, Dropbox) as a combined technology and asset management firm, Njorda became an independent fintech company in early 2017. Njorda Global Markets, Inc., one of the world’s largest exchange holding companies and owner of the Njorda Options Exchange, maintains an indirect minority holding.

Built by industry veterans