Grow your investments efficiently

Sophisticated investment strategies are simple and visual using our platform, allowing your clients to better meet their financial goals.

Build custom outcome-based investments in seconds and increase the chances of reaching your client goals while minimizing market risk.

Personalized investments

Innovative visualizations explain how strategies work in a way that is easy to understand.

Financial institutions partner with us to offer intuitive option strategies for their clients. We also license our technology to options education providers helping retail investors get a better understanding of options.


how it works

Send execution orders to your existing broker using established straight-through processing.


We use exchange-traded options to provide income, protection, or growth. This offers market independence, increased liquidity and reduced credit risk.

Powered by options


Use our platform internally for advisors and institutional clients.

Clients can quickly create and investments to fit their needs - and with a single orders to your execution desk.


Seamlessly integrate our product with your online offerings, helping you grow your trading volumes.

The platform allows your clients to use options to reach their goals while keeping things simple.

Wealth Managers

Give your clients first class service with fully bespoke investment offerings.

Offer an alternative to clients that could benefit from structured products but balk the fees or credit risk

How target outcome investing works

(1) Define

Long-term growth improves likelihood of diversified equity gains while lowering downside risk.

Income realizes target returns in a low-interest rate environment.

Enhanced returns focuses on upside without resorting to simple leverage.

(2) Recommend

«S&P index investment, protected against first 10% losses and capped at 15% gains»

(3) Personalize


«Increase protection to 15% for a safer investment»

Complete solution for your business

Customized strategies

Customized strategies

Intuitive design makes building options-based investments
fast and easy.

sales and support tools

Sales and support tools

Every step is covered and automated: marketing, education, pricing, and execution.

Open Banking API

Open Banking API

Our platform can be white labeled and integrated into your existing financial infrastructure.

Attract customers

New tools and investments offer better risk/reward balance to help you stand out in a crowded market.

Retain customers

Help your customers remain invested during market draw-downs with protective options strategies.

New revenue model

You may be able to move from a commission-based model to a fee-based advisory model.